We are based out of Columbus, Ohio and have been serving our amazing clients for 18 years. The owner, Nathan Nazeck, is closely involved with every project from your big day through every frame of editing. We do not "sub out" any shooting or editing and our team remains consistent. There are a lot of stereotypes that pertain to wedding videos. Our purpose from day one has been to try and redefine what a wedding film should be.

We have distanced ourselves from the typical, obtrusive, light in your face style that has given so many people a bad impression. One wedding at a time we try to undo the stereotype and give everyone involved the best experience we can.  Our purpose is to capture the day without becoming a distraction to you or your guests.  

The Short Films that you see featured online are just a small portion of our product.  There are many companies that can make a highlight video look great but it takes years of experience to be able to maintain that quality throughout a full length product.  The Short Film is important but we also want to create a complete picture of your big day that will ensure that the memories last forever.